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Outsmart your Business Travel with our corporate services.

Our purpose is to advance the success of every client’s travel program and deliver costs savings directly to your bottom line.  We are passionate about adding value to every client through innovative, efficient and integrated travel solutions.  We are committed to maximizing the value of every dollar spent, while delivering the highest quality traveler services.


In a market that continues to evolve into a largely “self-service: environment, Direct Travel has consciously placed an emphasis on high-quality service delivery.  Many travel service providers have come to rely on a fulfillment center approach to service as online booking have continued to rise.  At Direct Travel, we know when a traveler requires support; it must be delivered by a professional, highly skilled travel counselor who knows what it truly means to be a consultative service provider.

  • Advanced front-line service delivery with empowered agent staff supported by SLA’s
  • Travel-centric, empowered employees
  • Best-in-class concierge and VIP services
  • Ability to customize travel programs based upon individual KPI’s and defined goals
  • Unparalleled program management